What if all of America voted?

All political systems are flawed. As Americans, we hold our own system as the golden standard, yet you don’t have to look very hard to find its flaws. For example, until recently in American history, a number of different groups of citizens in this country weren’t even allowed to vote.

Even now that all citizens have the right to vote, only slightly more than the majority do and turnout for non-presidential races is worse. The typical winner in a presidential election in the US receives around 50% of the vote. Which means, although the US prides itself on being the golden standard of democracy, its own president is chosen by only around a quarter of its voting age citizens.

The 2016 US Presidential Election might make this number even lower. Right now it appears whoever wins this year’s election will receive less than the majority of the vote. If turnout for this year’s election is similar to other recent presidential elections, then that will mean less than a quarter of eligible voters in the US will have selected the President.

No wonder most Americans feel like they aren’t being represented by their elected officials, because they’re not! But we have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t vote.

What would happen if all Americans voted? Maybe we would have a less toxic political atmosphere.

This year’s election is far too important to sit on the sidelines. That’s why I’ve developed an app called Informed Voter to help you find information about where you can vote this election. Its also got an iMessage app so you can send your friends their voting information. No one should be left out this election. We all deserve to be heard. While this app won’t be the only thing needed to get all Americans to vote this year, I hope it’s a step in the right direction.

Early voting has already begun in a number of states throughout the country. So if it has started in your state, download the app, find out where you can vote, and go vote. And if you need someone to chat with in line at the polling station, use the iMessage app and get some friends to go to the polls with you (for most early voting, you can vote in a number of different locations).

This isn’t a political issue. It’s not partisan politics. The politicians in the US are supposed to represent its people. It’s about time they do. So if you’re not registered to vote yet and can, please do. You can do so easily here. And if you are registered to vote, then download the app and find out where to vote this election or use it to tell your friends where they can vote.

Let your voice be heard this November.

You can find out more about the Informed Voter here.



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