Request for Blockchains (RFB)

Based on Y Combinator’s RFS (Request for Startups) I thought it would be interesting to create a similar list for blockchain based ideas.

This list is just a bunch of the things I’ve thought would be interesting to see built using blockchains (either new or on top of an existing ones). I wish I had the time and the ability to build all of them, but alas I do not. Hopefully someone else out there does!

I would love to hear thoughts and feedback on these ideas. It would also be interesting to see other people’s RFB ideas.

Here’s the list:

Anonymized DNA

Creating a blockchain that stored anonymized DNA data (for privacy reasons) could have a lot of potential. To incentivize participation, you could attach some sort of payment mechanism each time your personal DNA data was accessed.

Digital Residency

The services provided would be paid through a dedicated token, which would also give “citizens” a right to vote for services. Aragon is probably the closest I’ve seen to this but is more generalized for organizations, not specific. I think it’d be interesting to make a protocol specific to the needs of some group of people.

VR ecosystem

Decentralized ISP

Every device you own could download a “wallet” to both manage the mesh networking and payments for usage. I’ve heard lots of people talk about doing this but no great implementations yet. Seems like this one is a perfect use for blockchains.

Credit instruments

This could unlock a lot of interesting services and features on top of it. If you need to get a line of credit (no matter how large or small) you should be able to assuming you can find someone else willing to put up the risk for some reward.

Decentralized Fantasy Sports

I’d envision it’d be something similar to Augur where the protocol is open and anyone can build a service or app on top of it, which makes it available globally but also easy to deal with basic transactions too. It’d be more complicated how to engrain the rules into a smart contract but would be really interesting to see it done IMHO.

Self-sustaining robots

Self-sustaining manufacturing plants

New governance models

A truly decentralized organization

I understand why most projects start with a foundation or company at the core for funding and governance but it seems like there’s a way to make it work where there isn’t one. Combined with the above idea, I hope we see a truly decentralized app in the near future.

Attempting to put my dent in the universe.